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Many clients prefer to instruct us on a private fee paying basis and we undertake a considerable amount of work under that arrangement. We can advise on likely cost (you can make a number of choices that affect this) and methods of funding. In most cases we are able to offer either a fixed fee or hourly charge rate.

You are entitled to consult with a solicitor free of charge whilst detained (or attending voluntarily for interview) at any Police Station in England & Wales.

In the Magistrates Court, you may be entitled to Legal Aid subject to a merits and financial eligibility test. If your disposable income exceeds the limit then you will not qualify for Legal Aid and, if you want to instruct a solicitor, you will have to pay privately. We offer a competitive service and can attend the Magistrates Court with you from £300+VAT.

Legal aid in the Crown Court is means tested. This means you will normally be granted Legal Aid but, depending on your means, you may be required to pay a financial contribution. In some cases that can be a significant amount and we can in those circumstances advise whether private fee paying would be more cost effective. There are some cases in the Crown Court where Legal Aid is not available and we can assist usually by way of an agreed fixed fee.

We are able to offer you an initial attending consultation at our office with a solicitor from £150+VAT. We are also happy to initially discuss your case without charge on the telephone, as it may well be that you are entitled to Legal Aid.

We conduct work on behalf of legally aided as well as privately paying clients.

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